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Polar bear tours in the wild along the Alaskan arctic coast, including polar bear boat trips and polar bear photography tours. We specialize in personalized Arctic adventures! 


Polar Bear Tours

Polar bear tours along the Alaskan arctic coast. Polar bear boat trips and polar bear photography tours. We specialize in personalized Arctic adventures! 

Every autumn polar bears gather along barrier islands just off Barter Island and the Inupiaq village of Kaktovik, as they wait for freeze up in the Beaufort Sea, so they can head out onto the sea ice to hunt their favorite prey the Ringed seal.

 Polar bear tour
 Polar bear photography tour on the Arctic Alaskan coast.
 Full package Alaskan tour - view polar bears in the wild!

This is a unique experience to view and photograph polar bears in their natural habitat by boat with expert guides and naturalists.  

 Arctic polar bear tours - Full package Alaskan tours!  

Akook Arctic Adventures is owned by local Inupiat Jack Kayotuk, who grew up traveling and living on and along the arctic land and sea. Jack has partnered with Steven Kazlowski of Left Eye Productions, Inc., a trained marine biologist, naturalist and professional wildlife photographer who has been photographing polar bears in the Alaskan arctic for over 18 years. Together they offer you an opportunity of a lifetime!

Viewing polar bears in Kaktovik has to be one of the most amazing wildlife viewing opportunities on the planet. It was a privilege to be able to view and photograph the bears with knowledgeable and respectful local tour guides Jack and Steve. Jack's deep knowledge of wildlife and skill reading weather combined with Steve's photographic skills make for the perfect guide combination. They navigated choppy conditions safely and at a respectable distance from the bears. And they provided warm all weather clothing to make sure we had a comfortable day on the water. Needless to say our photos were exceptional. Thank you to the Akook Team.”          Karen, TripAdvisor, Anchorage, Alaska 2015


If you want to know the biology of the polar bears and the effects of changing sea ice conditions in the arctic, those are another reason to choose Akook Arctic Adventures. 

Whether you are an adventurer or a photographer, come have a safe unforgettable experience with the majestic polar bear. Akook Arctic Adventures offers the true Alaskan arctic educational experience. 

We are now booking polar bear boat tours for the 2018 season. Please contact us for more information.

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Polar Bear Boat Tours

Polar Bear Photography Tours

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